The Team

The Drakensberg Grand Traverse.  For two lovers of the Berg this epic trek was regarded with reverence and respect for five years before we got our shot at it.  In this time, the research and training we did added to the air of legend that surrounded this greatest of challenges in the Drakensberg range.

For years there were obstacles that kept us from our dream, this year the obstacle we faced was finding a team willing to stick with us and as the season for GT started to slip past once again we decided that a team of two would do just fine. And so the team was:

Josh Reid, 24, photographer and the guy who sees the bright side in everything.  As strong a hiker as you could desire.
Check out his incredible portfolio here
Paul Ramsay, 24, funemployed, navigator and blog author.  Great at downhills.

If you have hiked at all, you will know that the minimum recommended number of any party is three.  Three is just safer, and eight safer than that.  Nevertheless, a duo is what we had.  The silver lining is that we could move faster, be more flexible with plans and resupply teams could carry less.

Of course, the two of us were the ones who did the actual hike, but there was a much larger team of people that made it possible.

Spirit of Adventure where Josh and I work part time was the main driver behind the hike, a massive thank you to the team for incredible support.

We also had our three resupply teams to thank

John Flanagan, Lucinda Baty and Patrick Fennemore in the first, then Rob Pretorius, Mary and Kelly.

Clint Slogrove managed to pull in last minute and arrange for our resupply package to get up Sani Pass.  Big thanks.

We would have gotten lost somewhere in the Maluti range if it weren’t for the painstaking work of Jurie Pohl from Spirit of Adventure who basically plotted our entire route and lent us his amazing GPS.

To the parents, girlfriends and friends who were in constant prayer for us, it was your victory as much as ours.

One thought on “The Team

  1. Stoaked you had a Jol! was totally an adventure for us to re-supply….and like a drug to read…it’s definitely on the bucket list for the future!

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