What would I do differently?

I doubt that anybody has ever done the GT without having any areas they could have improved on.  Whether this improved their time or comfort, there is always that something.

  • Timing.  We could easily have finished the hike in 11 days, but our pickup was arranged for later, so we did some scenery along the way to make up the time
  • Listen to the GPS.  Too many times I didn’t trust the route and aimed to go over a different saddle which landed us in hot water
  • Get a good stove.  We used an old butane cylinder stove, which is great in the lowerberg but every time we wanted coffee we had about a 20-30 minute wait.  We wasted too much time waiting for water to boil for breakfasts.
  • More food.  We used the same amount per day that we usually ate in the lower berg, but this trip is long and you are doing more Kms.  Our protein intake was high, which I think aided our recovery well, but we needed more carbs.
  • Perhaps there is a way to keep the whole border crossing thing legal.  It should make Sani easier if we got our passports sorted beforehand

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