Day Ten

Leaving Sani Pass was a difficult thing.  Warm beds, a hot shower and coffee at leisure had made us soft.

Nevertheless, after a delicious breakfast we dragged ourselves away from the fire, and in the direction of Bushman’s Nek.  An hour late too.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as that.  We made the mistake of walking to the Lesotho border post.  We wanted to just inform them of our movements, since it would look suspicious if we just walked right past them.  Unfortunately, they weren’t so keen on our adventure.  After getting very angry, and informing us of the illegality of our movements, I managed to convince them that we would descend via Masubasuba pass immediately and therefore avoid any problems they could foresee.  We left them feeling chastised and quite shocked at the reaction we had received.

We had, at this point in our hike, come to understand our capabilities well, and in looking ahead at the day’s hike on the maps realised we would easily make the days target campsite by 3 pm.  In fact, we felt if we pushed we could finish the GT at least one day ahead of schedule.  Realising that we would not be able to get picked up any earlier than our original planned date, we decided to take the last three days at a slow, sightseeing pace.  First up, the escarpment edge at Sani, and the saddle of Giants Cup.  Here we saw the biggest train of dagga smugglers yet, sauntering down Masubasuba Pass in broad daylight at 9:30.  Where is your stringent border control now, Lesotho?

After this initial climb to the day we paced across the massive flats of the Lesotho side of Cobham.  Pleasant and beautiful walking.  We were soon at our designated spot, but we decided to go over the next ridge and find the perfect campsite, which we did.  Josh quoted his scouting textbook on why our spot was so amazing.  Flat ground, 10m from the river and low in a valley for wind protection. Could you ask for anything better?

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