Day Six – Second Resupply

As the sun rose, red as imaginable, Upper Injasuthi cave showed us it’s brilliance.  Despite the sun having completely risen, it was still far below us down off the escarpment and my shadow actually bent upwards towards the ceiling of the cave.  Amazing to be so high above South Africa.

This was a good starting place for our first assault of the day – Mafadi.  The highest peak in South Africa was something I was excited to summit.  After an quick walk through a lot of snow and high fives topside, we started our descent into the valley which took us the greater part of the morning due to its steepness and snow covered South side.  We were perhaps a meter deep at points, and Josh actually bent his trekking pole on the descent.  We see the first sign of life, firstly a rabbit scampered away from us on the hillside, and then at the bottom we saw the first kraals and huts that were occupied.

We had been prepared for this, it is well known that the area between Mafadi and Sani is the most occupied space you will encounter on the GT

Resupply number two, making coffee

We headed along and up the valley making good time, we really wanted to be at our resupply spot on time.  As we crested the ridge of the meeting spot, Langalibalele pass, we bumped almost straight into Rob “Hardcore” and his two recruits. The most perfect timing.  We exchanged hugs and handshakes before finding ourselves a nice flat spot to camp on.  We were happy to see more food, greater variety, and also Rob had commited himself to treating us with a Coke each.  Open Happiness.  We were also treated to real mincemeat and macaroni that night, unbelievably good, washed down with some hot custard.

I realised one monumental failure here, I had failed to put the next sections map in this resupply pack.  We would be relying on the GPS until our resupply at Sani, about 2 days without a map. Fortunately, we had made more than enough provision for GPS batteries.

We are feeling really strong at this point, resupplies do that.  We had also found a rhythm and we were confident we could start to pull ahead of our intended goals.

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